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Cuba's answer to Washington: a flashy new 'anti-terrorism' website
CubaNews / October 2002

By Larry Luxner

The Castro government has launched a new website,, aimed at “providing up-to-date news, information and analysis relating to terrorism and acts of aggression against Cuba, as well as to the five Cubans unjustly incarcerated in the United States for defending their country against terrorism.”

The bilingual, though not exactly objective, website was inaugurated Sept. 13, and publicized in the United States through a press release carried by PR Newswire. During an online forum, Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada, speaker of Cuba’s Parliament, answered questions about the website and the five Cubans jailed in Miami on alleged spying charges.

Designed by Cuban website developer Chasqui, the sophisticated Internet presence “is an effort of the Anti-Terrorism Working Group consisting of journalists, academics and broadcasters in Cuba.”

Among other things, the website contains a strident “Message to the American People” from the five Cuban “heroes,” as well as a list of 19 “recommended columnists” including Philip Peters, vice-president of the Virginia-based Lexington Institute; well-known leftist writer Noam Chomsky, and Wayne Smith, former chief of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana and now an outspoken critic of the Bush administration’s Cuba policies.

Visitors can view relevant essays by any of the above writers. They can also read specific articles like one by Tallahassee-based writer Jack McCarthy titled “Florida: A Sanctuary for Terrorists,” and another one by renowned academic Saul Landau entitled “The Bush Family Connection to Terrorism in Miami.”

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